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Erika Visconti


“I first found Steve when I watched his videos. Since I work in Sales for a company Holland, English is a must. So I decided to take classes with Steve. I really enjoy having class with Steve because he makes me feel comfortable. My progress in English in the year I have studied with him has been fantastic. Colleagues and clients at work have noticed a tremendous improvement in my English. I am so glad I found my English teacher!”

Leo Santos 


“Steve Ford, it was a long journey since we started preparing for the TOEFL test. Finally, we arrived at the final destination: the marks that I needed. I can’t get tired of shouting over and over: Yes, we did it!! Yes, we did it!! Yes, we did it!! The feeling of accomplishment is wonderful. After passing the TOEFL, what else could I expect? Well, I got accepted into the University of British Columbia Hair Disorder Fellowship. What amazing news!! I’ll live in Vancouver for a year. :) I’d like to thank you not only for all your effort in helping me out to pass the TOEFL, but also for being a great teacher and friend! Looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver!!"

Lilian Yabiku 


“To learn with Steve Ford is so easy and interesting since we learn English while we are actually having fun.”