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A great course for people who need to be ready for their test in a few weeks or months

Save your time by learning templates and tricks to do your test more quickly.

Learn key words to improve your speaking and writing.

Course Summary

A top option for people whose career depends on getting a specific score for either academic or professional goals. Private test preparation lessons with Steve can be for: TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, GRE and GMAT. Benefit from private lessons: speaking, writing, listening, reading. Steve has helped countless professionals and students the world over. Would you like to be his next success story on his Testimonials page? Go for it! All lessons can be by internet or telephone.

Alexander Brade

Senior Research Assistant, Germany

"Thanks to Steve and his hard work I finally got 109 TOEFL-points (29 reading, 29 listening, 26 speaking, 25 writing). That’s what I needed to get admitted to Harvard Law School. This is a dream come true for me! A (very!) big thank you to Steve who is not only a great English teacher but also a cool guy!"

Isabella Perego

MA. Berkeley, CA

As soon as I’d decided to study abroad, I was told that I needed to take the TOEFL and get a certain score. I was really worried since I didn't have much time to get prepared and I knew very little about this test. I decided to contact Steve, with whom I had already taken some lessons to improve my speaking and so I knew he was the teacher I needed. Since the very first lesson, Steve has been extremely helpful by giving me tips in order to improve my speaking, writing and listening and by explaining me how the test was structured. But he did more than just that: he encouraged me and, above all, he trusted me while I hardly believed I would make it. The result? Thanks to him I got a much higher score(105) than the one I was required to get, something that I would have never expected to happen (Steve did expect it, though!). He is an incredibly passionate teacher who really cares about his students, and I am so grateful for his help. Thank you so much Steve!"


Cisco, USA of B.Eng., starting M.S.C.S. Manager Engineering

"I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Steve for guiding me through TOEFL testing process, I registered for the TOEFL test prior to starting my prep, had only 3.5 weeks for preparation. During this time Steve helped me focus in the areas where I needed to improve, with specific focus on speaking and writing parts of the test. Here are my scores: Reading = 22 - Listening = 29 - Speaking = 27 - writing = 24. He has good humor and always makes learning fun! He is more than just a teacher, he is like a coach supporting and encouraging throughout the journey! Again, thanks a lot Steve for being flexible and understanding!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Many of my students have application deadlines and/or they have already set a date for their next test. We will focus on what you need.

Each person has different weak points which prevent them from getting the score they need. With private lessons I will be able to first determine what those weaknesses are and help you to improve on them. The majority of people contact me for help on the speaking and writing. However, some also need help with understanding vocabulary in the listening and reading sections. 

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