I had an intense 2 weeks training with Steve, preparing for my TOEFL exam. I achieved 110 TOEFL score, including 28 writing and 27 speaking - parts that we practiced with Steve. Lessons with Steve helped me to achieve those high scores as we practiced a lot of speaking and writing - exactly what I was aiming for. Besides very productive lessons I also enjoyed the atmosphere during our lessons. Steve was very encouraging and I had great time during each of our lessons!."

Lusine Khachumova

"For more than 7 years I’ve been improving my fluency and confidence in my English communication with Steve.  Now I can hold a conversation even with native speakers and my vocabulary is more colorful.  Moreover, over time Steve became a friend not to say family 🙂, a person I can count on. He’s reliable, flexible, encouraging and extremely supportive. I highly recommend Steve especially for persons who need English at work, struggle with pronunciation and have a busy schedule."

Selma Ouiguini
President of Panelys
Ivory Coast/Algeria/France

"Steve coached my son and the other children of our firm's employees. I assisted him and it was obvious to me how much fun, easy, and at the same time effective the lessons were. Everything happens in a playful way, lots of different games, songs. The children love Steve and therefore they enjoy the class. Thank you, Steve!"

Electrical Engineer, Ukraine/Canada

"I was very hesitant to take English lessons, but with Steve I am sure I made the right decision. Thank you Steve because now I am comfortable having conversations and even doing business in English. Today Steve is more than just an English teacher. Thanks, Steve!"

Sebastien Kadio Morokro
Chief Executive Officer and Director at Pétro Ivoire, Ivory Coast

"Hi Steve, I would like to thank you for helping me get the TOEFL score I needed. Before we started our classes, I thought I wouldn't be able to score because of my English level. But you not only prepared me, you also motivated me and made me trust myself more. You are an excellent professional and I am proud to have been your student. Thank you!"

Jessica Fiuza
Nurse, Brazil/USA

"Thanks to Steve and his hard work I finally got 109 TOEFL-points (29 reading, 29 listening, 26 speaking, 25 writing). That’s what I needed to get admitted to Harvard Law School. This is a dream come true for me! A (very!) big thank you to Steve who is not only a great English teacher but also a cool guy!"

Alexander Brade
Senior Research Assistant, Germany

"Steve is more than a teacher, when you take classes with him, you realize how sensitive he is to your weakness. Steve guided me to achieve my self-confidence on my speeches. I'm still on my English path and I consider Steve my friend and propellant of my confidence!"

Andreia Lourenço
MSD, Brazil

"I’ve been having lessons with Steve for 2 years. I really enjoy the creativity, activities, interesting topics, and to be able to speak about things which I need for my job and life. I am more confident to use English in real life. My best example is a presentation I gave in English at a University in Switzerland. Now I am not ashamed to speak and I don’t get stuck when I talk."

Elena Gundartseva
Engineer/Web Designer, Switzerland

"Before contacting Steve, I would have never dared to speak English. The fact that he speaks many languages encouraged me to get in touch with him. I have been studying with Steve since 2012. I enjoy the flexibility of being able to have class from my kitchen, outside, from my cottage, driving and even when my children were with me taking part in my lesson. Another thing that I like about my lessons is that Steve uses material that is suitable to my personal needs. I have gained a lot of self-confidence. My vocabulary and pronunciation have improved through weekly practice. This has encouraged me to use English as a common language with some of my own students."

"Hey Steve! I got my TOEFL results today! I got 103. Reading 26, Listening 28, Speaking 26 and Writing 23. I feel very relieved! I would like to thank you very much for all the great help, tutoring me and motivating me! It has been great! Thanks a lot!!!"

Katia Jensen

"When CSR Technology Inc. employees from India, Russia, Israel, Korea, China and Eastern Europe sought assistance in improving English pronunciation, the company engaged with Steve Ford based on the strength of his educational You Tube, his flexibility around delivery and scheduling, competitive rates and his Private English Portal (PEP) website. Steve is always upbeat and was undaunted by the mix of language backgrounds and various levels of proficiency he had to contend with in working with CSR employees and, after assessing each of our employees, he created small learning groups so everyone could get as much benefit as possible from working with him. Our employees greatly appreciated Steve’s support and the applicability of what they worked on together. With his upbeat, good-natured personality, he set a comfortable tone which helped employees relax and learn more easily and without embarrassment. CSR employees took lessons with Steve over Skype for about one year. Unfortunately, when CSR Technology Inc. was acquired by a larger company that had existing language/pronunciation learning resources, we had to run out our contract with Steve. However, if Steve’s student employees had their way, they would still be working with him. Given the engineering no-time-to-waste culture of our business, that is saying a lot! Thank you, Steve, for your pronunciation guidance and for showing genuine caring for CSR employees."

"I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Steve for guiding me through TOEFL testing process, I registered for the TOEFL test prior to starting my prep, had only 3.5 weeks for preparation. During this time Steve helped me focus in the areas where I needed to improve, with specific focus on speaking and writing parts of the test. Here are my scores: Reading = 22 - Listening = 29 - Speaking = 27 - writing = 24. He has good humor and always makes learning fun! He is more than just a teacher, he is like a coach supporting and encouraging throughout the journey! Again, thanks a lot Steve for being flexible and understanding!"

"As soon as I’d decided to study abroad, I was told that I needed to take the TOEFL and get a certain score. I was really worried since I didn't have much time to get prepared and I knew very little about this test. I decided to contact Steve, with whom I had already taken some lessons to improve my speaking and so I knew he was the teacher I needed. Since the very first lesson, Steve has been extremely helpful by giving me tips in order to improve my speaking, writing and listening and by explaining me how the test was structured. But he did more than just that: he encouraged me and, above all, he trusted me while I hardly believed I would make it. The result? Thanks to him I got a much higher score(105) than the one I was required to get, something that I would have never expected to happen (Steve did expect it, though!). He is an incredibly passionate teacher who really cares about his students, and I am so grateful for his help. Thank you so much Steve!"

Isabella Perego
Milan, Italy

“O Captain, my Captain” (a famous phrase from the amazing film “Dead Poets Society”) is what I said to Steve when we finished our lessons. The phrase is full of gratitude to one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. When you decide to enter university you understand that the first thing you need do is to pass the exams. In my case it was the TOEFL. So, finally I understood that it would be very hard to do well on it without help. I found Mr. Ford’s channel on YouTube, and I was very lucky. The process of Steve’s lessons was really productive. The thing that I really liked in these lessons is that we never rushed. It is very hard to understand something if you do not have time to think. Mr. Ford tries to make sure that you understand everything and that you are able to use this knowledge other times if you need it. So every grammar rule or phrasal verb that we had learned will always be in my mind. Also Steve’s lessons were very interesting because he could always turn the dull parts of the TOEFL into a very interesting discussion and that was a treasure for me, especially for a person who had never trained speaking. Professionalism and interest in the job, these are the things that we really respect in teachers, and those are the items that characterize Steve Ford’s work. Finally, I received scores that I could have never dreamed of in any other way; I got 90 and exactly 25 on the speaking which we had trained most of all. That is more than enough for me. I am reaching my dream with the help of these lessons. Thank you very much, Mr. Ford, I hope that you will help thousands of people to reach their goals too.”

Mariam Israelyan

“Some friends of mine here in Moscow had recommended Steve as a TOEFL teacher. I only had a few weeks to prepare and knew that I needed someone I could trust to give me tips that I could really use to get a better score. I was able to take full advantage of Steve’s suggestions for vocabulary choice on the speaking and writing sections. Another great thing about our classes was that I could clear up any doubts I had about grammar very quickly. It’s great to find a teacher who really cares about the students and is able to make the classes enjoyable. My final test score was more than I needed. I’m done! Thank you Steve!"

Andrey Protasov
Moscow, Russia

“I want to thank Steve! You are really a good teacher and cool guy! I began taking lessons with Steve in order to improve my listening and speaking skills and be ready for my English exam at Aeroflot Russian Airlines. And guess what? I passed all my exams and was one of 8 pilots selected from a group of 400. Steve has really interesting lessons. I can discuss every item that I want with him. I would like thank Steve for his patience and support and also for teaching me phrasal verbs. Don’t wait to contact Steve to help you with your English! He is really a great teacher!!!”

Albert Shitts
Moscow, Russia

“Steve Ford, it was a long journey since we started preparing for the TOEFL test. Finally, we arrived at the final destination: the marks that I needed. I can’t get tired of shouting over and over: Yes, we did it!! Yes, we did it!! Yes, we did it!! The feeling of accomplishment is wonderful. After passing the TOEFL, what else could I expect? Well, I got accepted into the University of British Columbia Hair Disorder Fellowship. What amazing news!! I’ll live in Vancouver for a year. :) I’d like to thank you not only for all your effort in helping me out to pass the TOEFL, but also for being a great teacher and friend! Looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver!!"

São Paulo, Brazil

“I have been studying English for a long time and need it for both my job and studies. To ensure my acceptance to the MBA program at MIT, I knew it was essential for me to get the highest TOEFL score possible. So I decided to try some TOEFL lessons with Steve since I had tried the TOEFL several times prior and couldn’t get the score I needed. During my lessons with Steve, we focused on speaking and writing tasks. In addition to that, Steve gave me a lot of very helpful tips and by the end of my lessons, I was able to finally get 111 not once, but twice. However, the story doesn’t end there. I also took lessons with Steve in preparation for my MBA application interviews. We trained intensively using a wide range of typical questions and I was able to use a lot of the vocabulary suggestions Steve taught me. MIT here I come!!! “

Rogerio Santos
São Paulo, Brazil

“I’ve been studying English most of my life. Therefore, I decided to prepare for the TOEFL on my own and just go for it. I took a test and did not get the score I needed. After this I realized that TOEFL is much more than just a test of English grammar knowledge. Along with your language skills it tests your time management skills and how focused you can stay during 4.5 hours. I found Steve’s videos online and decided to give it a try. I took more than 10 TOEFL classes and the results were well beyond my expectations. I got more than I needed on the TOEFL ibt thanks to Steve! He is an incredible teacher! Steve explained me different strategies on how to tackle passages and questions on the reading section, and also improved significantly my speaking and writing skills. I have had many English teachers before and compared to them, Steve really cares about his students. He is dedicated and will do everything for you to succeed. Moreover, Steve was very supportive during my MBA application process. Thanks to his high professionalism and teaching talent I was able to get a great score on my TOEFL test. “

Ruben Bagramian
BA/MBA, Ukraine/USA

“I have been studying English for 16 years on and off but my writing, speaking and reading skills were far from fluent. Since having good English skills is very important, I needed to do something. I decided to become an online student because it’s a very attractive idea not having to spend time going to class. Up until now, I’ve been Steve’s online student for more than one year and must admit that my level of English has really been improving. Now, I rarely get confused by tricky grammar or fast speech. Of course, I still have things to work on, but I frequently can see learned idioms and phrasal verbs in use and this fact boosts my courage and self-esteem. Thanks a lot Steve for improving my English and for your patience! “

Irina Smurova
BA, MA in Science , Russia

“I want to thank Steve for great lessons! He really helps to achieve success. I took local English courses to prepare for TOEFL ibt courses. After taking them, my score was only 83; it was not enough for me. The problem was that I had a lot of duties besides my TOEFL studies. After a year, I decided to take another approach to pass the TOEFL. Steve Ford was recommended to me from one of my classmates who got a high test score. From the first lesson with Steve I understood that he had been the tutor that I was looking for. In my opinion, the advantage of Steve’s lessons is that they are particularly focused on TOEFL tasks. He corrected my essays and gave some important tips about passing the TOEFL. The result was significant: 97! I didn’t even expect it, however, Steve did. If you are motivated to work a lot, Steve is the right person to help you to get a high TOEFL score! ”

Mikhail Norshteyn
Applied Mathematics Student, Russia

“There is always room for improvement. I’ve been in the United States for 16 years. I am still pushing to speak as native as possible. Being a working mom in the Silicon Valley, I can’t afford to waste time. I’ve done my research and Steve Ford is the BEST English teacher online! Steve customizes the courses based on my needs. He is flexible, effective, organized, and is always true and interesting. Steve has a passion for teaching. Most of the teachers of any kind on YouTube disappear after a few good sessions. With Steve, I am guilty of not being able to keep up with his high quality online materials. Many of the advanced level idioms and phrases I learned from Steve do pop up in my day-to-day work communications. I highly recommend Steve to be anyone’s English teacher/master!”

“When I decided to take a course abroad, I knew that I’d have to study a lot and in a short period of time so that I could improve my English and take the TOEFL test. Besides doing a regular English course, I started to look for interesting materials on Youtube. The best videos that I could find were from Steve Ford. More than a good way to learn English, the videos are fun and interesting! After seeing a lot of them, I decided to visit his portal and also try some classes. Steve helped me with my TOEFL preparation exam. We did many TOEFL speaking and writing exercises. In my test, I used a lot of expressions that he taught me in just 5 classes in 1 week!!! He also could tell me how much I might achieve in each exercise. After doing the test, I could see I indeed got similar results! And… I passed my test!!! Now, I am having regular English classes with Steve. I am overjoyed! I love to tell my friends that I have my online English teacher! I definitely recommend his classes for everyone!”

Suzana Maranhão

“Because of my work, I didn´t have time to attend a regular English school and I started to take a look for online courses, either in websites or on YouTube. And then, I found the Peppy videos and decided to contact Steve for a trial class. Actually, online courses was new for me and I wasn´t sure if I could have good results by studying at home. But I was wrong. I´ve really been enjoying the classes and I´m improving my knowledge in English quickly. I owe my progress in English to his personal way of teaching and the funny and interesting classes captivates me to do more and more. I´m sure he is the best English teacher that I´ve ever seen. Ever! Thank you Steve !”

Denis Kimura
Pilot , Brazil-Japan

“My success with my TOEFL exam happened in a very short period of time. Firstly, I took on the challenge of applying to the University of Southern California. Secondly, I needed to find a way to get an excellent score on the TOEFL exam. So, I surfed on the Internet and found Steve! In the beginning I was skeptical if he could help me in short period of time I had until my exam. However, I gave it a try and some hours later I had my first English lesson with Steve. Very quickly, Steve gave me strategies on how to tackle the speaking and writing sections. When I got my TOEFL score, the results were amazing. I got 109 out of 120, simply unbelievable. Not only did I have a lot of fun with Steve, but he helped me to get into University in the U.S.A. Thank you Steve!”

Florian Vogt
MBA , Germany

“I found Steve by watching Peppy lessons on Youtube. I was so impressed by his unconventional way of teaching that I decided to become a one-to-one student. It was a fantastic Choice! I’ve discovered not only a real professional Teacher, but also a man that understands my difficulties with the language. His lessons are never stupid or boring, Steve teaches by talking about any subject and the time of the lesson flies by while the teaching sticks easily in my mind. Thanks Steve for your patience with me and as you know you are not only my English teacher, but also my English GURU.”

“After about three years of lessons in France, I was happy to test my skills during my stay in London. It was such a disappointment! I could just pick up a word from time to time and talk in bits and pieces. But I was planning a trip to New Zealand and I was trying to find a “miracle solution”, you know, something like “Learn English in three weeks”, without a ray of hope of course. I watched some videos on Youtube. The first was so childish, the second was boring, the third was hosted by the caricature of a teacher, but not that bad because of a bit of sense of humour. Eventually I came across one of the Peppy Videos. It was so different! Clear, interesting, amazing and I could even understand without subtitles. I made up my mind and sent the teacher a message. I was anxious. That guy was too brilliant for me. He was used to having IELTS students or something. It would be boring for him to have an aged student. I surely wouldn’t understand anything, plus I had never used skype and was clueless using new technology. And NOW I am more than happy to learn English with Steve! We talk about this and that, a bit about literature, a lot about real life and the world as it goes. It is always a lot of work and a lot of fun. So if you are like me, old, hard-of-hearing, not very good at studying foreign languages and using skype, with sometimes a faltering memory, you can all the same contact Steve. He is patient and friendly. He knows what you need, what you hope, how to help. With him, you will most certainly improve your English. Steve? The Teacher I would have wanted to have been!”

Anne-Marie Coquillard
Retired Teacher, France

“I was frustrated to speak English just with businessmen and talk always about the same matters; my English was too basic and monotonous. So in November 2009 I typed “English conversation” on youtube and I came across Steve, with his English lesson, with his enthusiasm, with his new and fresh way to teach English. I understood immediately that Steve could be the solution to my problem and working out things with him, I could improve my English, improve my vocabulary, phrasal verbs and idioms. But best of all I have found a new English friend to talk about “REAL LIFE!” To speak and write as a native English speaker does, and has always been one of my dreams and now, I am sure that with Steve, that dream can come true. Thanks Steve, you are really great!!!”

Sandro Gori
President of Toscana Casa S.r.l., Florence, Italy

“As soon as I saw Steve on YouTube, I realized that he was the one who could help me to fill some of the gaps in my knowledge of English. It is well-known that if we want to reach a better understanding of how English works, we must not only read, listen and repeat, but also communicate with a native speaker. Without this we will never be able to feel and plant a foreign language in our mind in order to reach so-called native-likeness. I believe this is the main goal for every student whatever language he or she might be studying. Apart from this, there is no doubt that learning should be a useful, pleasant and entertaining activity. There cannot be a better place to realize and achieve all of this, than on ‘Peppy Planet’ with Steve. I am happy I got that opportunity and all my “English-speaking dreams” have come true. In my case, I always have had some difficulty with phrasal verbs (who doesn’t?), and Steve caught on at once. After a few classes I started to feel more and more at ease as my new teacher was doing his best to help me with it. With Steve you will never make the same mistake again or you will never forget a new word or idiom as Steve always makes notes which you can see on your screen let alone his great videos. I would also like to thank Steve for his patience and support while helping me to get signed for PayPal. It was very kind of him to give me step by step instructions during his free time. Thanks to that I have learned how easy and safely you can purchase online!”

Daria Minorova
B.A., Moscow, Russia

“When I contacted Steve, I had very little time. I saw one of his videos on Youtube and I decided to take some classes with him just one week before my TOEFL test. He gave me a lot of tips for the speaking section and all of his advice helped me to get the score I needed to apply to several Universities in the U.S.A. I was extremely pleased to get 26 on the speaking section on my very first try. Thanks Steve!”

Paul Roch
President of Paul Roch Inc., Klostereneuburg, Austria

“I’m from Italy and I studied English for many years. Therefore it was very frustrating to realize, when it came to talking to native speakers, that I was still unable to express myself as I wished. Besides, I have been living in Brazil for the past 8 years and the need of speaking Portuguese all day long made my English get even worse. When I came across Steve’s amazing videos on Youtube, I felt that he could be my real solution to work out my problem. And I was absolutely right. I started classes with him (January 2009), and my self-confidence with the English language is rapidly increasing. Fluency is making its appearance, at last. I’m not afraid of speaking to my American colleagues anymore. He’s helping me by increasing my vocabulary and the correct use of phrasal verbs, for instance. We talk about any topic with great spontaneity and this is so great because I feel that I’m improving my English in the most natural way, as if I were living in the USA or in the UK. I sincerely feel that I really found MY teacher!!! Thanks Steve!!!”

“If you want to improve your English language skills there is nobody better than Steve. He is funny, motivating, smart and has a very ample view of the most diverse matters and views involving almost all aspects of our world. I have been having lessons with Steve for 3 years now and I am very happy with my improvement since then. Do not wait any longer, ask for a lesson with Steve and you will not be disappointed. Thanks a lot, Steve!”

“I´ve been studying English for a quite a few years and as the time goes by I feel that it´s important to improve my English more and more… I say it because I´m a University Professor at one of the greatest federal universities in Brazil. In my career it is mandatory to have a pretty good command of the English language, mostly in speaking and writing skills. I contacted Steve a few months ago because I needed to write a paper in English in order to publish it in a scientific journal. Since that time, it´s been a gorgeous time of having classes with Steve. He’s helping me a lot to write my academic papers as well as to improve my fluency. I guess that shortly Steve will help me to get my goal: to speak and to write as a native English speaker does! Wait a little while and I´ll write a new post again telling the news!”

Dr. Gisele Martins
PhD, Head Professor of Nursing, Brazil

“I tried a lot of preparation courses for the TOEFL ibt, but all of them were just a waste of my money. I did not notice any improvements. That is why I started to search for a private native speaking teacher on-line. Fortunately, I met Steve. First, I was so skeptical. However, after a couple of lessons with Steve I was totally satisfied with his way of teaching. We practiced all parts of the TOEFL a lot. I like that Steve keeps the same level of attention during the whole class. Moreover, I promise you will never be bored by him. He feels when you are tense and he makes jokes to help you relax and feel comfortable. Thanks a lot.”

Lawyer, Moscow, Russia / New York, USA

“I was trying to learn English for some years. I attended different courses and learned on my own. I had reached some success, but it didn’t satisfy me. I could read books and knew several grammatical rules, but I still wasn’t able to talk. I didn’t want to waste my time working in groups and speaking with other students. I was fed up with spending my time in traffic jams on the way from work to courses. I wanted to get the ability to talk and I wanted to speak with an interesting person. I understood too that not each native speaker can be a good teacher. So I started my search through lists of teachers who were teaching by Skype. There were many similar offers and featureless advertising. I wanted to find a real professional and an enthusiast. And when I had found Steve’s site, I understood that my search was over. From the first lesson I’ve realized that I made the right choice. My speaking difficulties disappeared. I enjoy each lesson. Steve understands your problems and gives you ways to improve your skills. I have perfect confidence in him and his methods of teaching. I’m getting all of what I need from Steve’s lessons. I feel that I’m really learning English at last. I have to work a lot on my English skills and I’m glad that I have Steve’s help.”

IT Specialist, Russia-Belgium

“My conversation classes with Steve over these past months have helped me a lot with my spoken English. I feel much more confident speaking English with others both online and in person. I look forward to using everything Steve has taught me on my next vacation abroad.”

Luis Sanchez Louzao
Dentist, La Coruña, Spain

“I first found Steve when I watched his Peppy Video “Steve in Brazil”. Since I work in Sales for a company Holland, English is a must. So I decided to take classes with Steve. I really enjoy having class with Steve because he makes me feel comfortable. My progress in English in the year I have studied with him has been fantastic. Colleagues and clients at work have noticed a tremendous improvement in my English. I am so glad I found my English teacher!”

Erika Visconti
Executive Sales Rep., Brazil / Holland

“Steve has helped me to improve my speaking skills and raise my self-confidence dramatically! Now I am sure I can reach a high level in English!”

“I started taking classes with Steve since August 2008. Steve is flexible, open and punctual. He has excellent material and has what it takes to keep advanced English learners motivated. Steve has helped me a lot with accent reduction, vocabulary expansion and he has also cleared up many doubts about certain aspects of English grammar. “

Osama Al-Khuraiji
Contractor/Sales, M.A. NYU, Saudi Arabia

“To learn with Steve Ford is so easy and interesting since we learn English while we are actually having fun.”

Lilian Yabiku
Designer, Japan

“I am from Turkey. I had studied English before Steve’s private English classes but I hadn’t improved enough. These days I have enough self-confidence about my English. If you don’t have the opportunity to go to Canada for English education, Steve can bring Canada to you. I highly recommend Steve’s online classes to everyone.”

CEO /Tekmedia, Turkey

“A few months ago, I was looking for some video-classes on the Internet and I came across Steve’s TOEFL Talk video 5. When I saw this video, I found what I was looking for: clear pronunciation and structured explanations in English classes. So, after an intensive program for TOEFL and IELTS exams, I could get scores beyond my expectations which was essential for my future and for my goals and achievement. On-line classes have given me not only total flexibility which I needed, but also intensive practice and improvement in speaking skills. The well-balanced mix of exercises, explanations and fun makes all classes exciting and also help me to keep the knowledge of English fresh in my mind. The video-reviews I have received are a fundamental part of my personal study because I can see them again later on in order to go over any particular doubt or to check my progress. Finally, I am happy with my on-line private classes and I would like to send many thanks to you Steve to provide us with all these services that make you not just an English teacher, but a remarkable reference for the Way of Teaching English.”

SAP/Accounting Gemini Inc., Toronto, Canada

“I have been studying English for a long time, but I was ashamed when I needed to talk with someone, always insecure. One day I was looking for an online course on the Internet and I saw Steve’s class on video. I loved it!! I could understand everything that he was saying!! So I did two months of conversation classes with Steve and since then I’m feeling better, more secure, less ashamed. Of course my expression in English is not perfect yet, but Steve helped me to be more confident and not to be afraid to express myself. He taught me that English learning can be easy and fun, and I always felt happier after our classes. So, I recommend Steve’s course to everybody, from beginners to advanced students. Enjoy Steve’s method and let him do for you what he did for me: become a better and more confident English speaker. I suggest you join Peppy Club to see for yourself.”

Executive Secretary, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil

“I had a really bad experience with the TOEFL ibt because I wanted a really high score of 26 in the speaking section and I took the test THIRTEEN times. Finally, I heard about Steve Ford’s classes so I took just 10 classes with him. Then, I took my exam for the 14th time and finally I got 27. I really appreciate his help; he was so helpful and he gave me a flexible schedule. Thanks Steve sooooooo much.”

Pharmacist, Egypt-USA

“I needed to apply to the MBA program in San Francisco and I didn’t know if I could do it. After I found Steve’s videos on YouTube, I took 10 classes with him and I got more than the score I needed. Thanks to Steve I am writing this testimonial from the University here in the US. The one that he helped me gain entrance to. Thank you Steve!”

MBA San Francisco University, Ukraine/USA

“After Steve’s Test Prep. course I got the score I needed to get into University in Canada. I should mention that I had tried doing the test 4 times before I found him online. Thank you so much Steve!”

UBC Student, China / Canada

“I did not have too much time to study for the TOEFL and was really scared about how I would do in the test. I found Steve on You Tube and decided to take classes with him. He gave me tools, specially for the writing and speaking part of the test, that were the key for my success. I passed with a score higher than what I needed and I have Steve to thank for it.”

MA Pennsylvania University, USA

“Thanks for all your help Steve !!!! I am very happy with the results!”

MBA Pennsylvania University, USA