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        “There is always room for improvement. I’ve been in the United States for 16 years. I am still pushing to speak as native as possible. Being a working mom in the Silicon Valley, I can’t afford to waste time. I’ve done my research and Steve Ford is the BEST English teacher online! Steve customizes the courses based on my needs. He is flexible, effective, organized, and is always true and interesting. Steve has a passion for teaching. Most of the teachers of any kind on YouTube disappear after a few good sessions. With Steve, I am guilty of not being able to keep up with his high quality online materials. Many of the advanced level idioms and phrases I learned from Steve do pop up in my day-to-day work communications. I highly recommend Steve to be anyone’s English teacher/master!”

        Jane Xu
        Principal Program Manager,
        Oracle , USA


        “I’m from Italy and I studied English for many years. Therefore it was very frustrating to realize, when it came to talking to native speakers, that I was still unable to express myself as I wished. Besides, I have been living in Brazil for the past 8 years and the need of speaking Portuguese all day long made my English get even worse. Steve’s helping me by increasing my vocabulary and the correct use of phrasal verbs, for instance. We talk about any topic with great spontaneity and this is so great because I feel that I’m improving my English in the most natural way, as if I were living in the USA or in the UK.  I sincerely feel that I really found MY teacher!!! Thanks Steve!!!

        Michele Perego
        President of Burigotto / Peg Perego,
        Milan, Italy