"I am liking it", is it correct? "If I would, I would", correct? | English grammar lesson

In this lesson you will learn English grammar


Hello everybody!

🌞Good morning everybody from Vancouver! 🌷🌺Spring has definitely arrived and the flowers are in full blossom. How about your English? Does your English need to grow? Does it need a little watering? Maybe it needs more sun and attention? Well, here is an English lesson for you don’t want to miss.

In this lesson, I have a question from Michelle from sunny Brazil. Michelle would like to know if it is possible to learn with AI in 2023 and she has a grammar question: is it possible to say, "she is liking it" 😊, "she is loving it" ❤️? To answer Michelle’s question, I show both an AI and human answer. 🤖👥 I have a second question from Yusara from Kurdistan. She would like to know if it is possible to say, "if it would rain, I would take an umbrella" ☔️.

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