He's so funny a person. Rarely I run. Correct? | English teacher vs AI | English grammar lesson

In this lesson you will learn English grammar


Hello everybody from Vancouver, Canada. 🌸🌼 I hope you are having a good week and welcome to June! 🌞 As the summer approaches and the flowers blossom, I have new video lessons for you. 🎥 As promised, I am releasing part 2 of my grammar lesson "English teacher vs. AI" 📚. I want to thank my Youtube subscribers Natalie, Mohammed, and Mariam for sending me their questions about English. 😊 If you would like me to answer your question about English, you can do so here: https://www.speakpipe.com/EnglishwithSteveFord 🎙️

I hope you enjoy the lesson! 📚


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