English Pronunciation Class: Master these difficult words: dumb, comb, bomb, bum, tomb

how to say dumb, comb, tomb, bomb

Hello! Hello! Hello everybody! Do you have problems with spelling and pronunciation in English? Then you must watch this lesson. 


1-to-1 lessons: https://privateenglishportal.com/contact-steve https://www.facebook.com/englishwithsteve/ https://www.instagram.com/englishwithsteve/ https://t.me/englishwithsteve Learn English live lesson 110 Greetings, English learners from all corners of the world! Today, we're diving headfirst into the peculiar world of English pronunciation. Do you ever find yourself scratching your head, wondering why certain words are spelled the way they are, only to have their pronunciations defy all logic? Fear not, for you are not alone! 🌍 🎤 Why Bomb, Dumb, Comb, Tomb, and Numb Make us go "Huh?" English, being a melting pot of various languages and influences, has resulted in a linguistic kaleidoscope that often leaves even native speakers scratching their heads. In this blog post, we're tackling some notorious words that exemplify the crazy spelling and inconsistencies in English pronunciation. Get ready to delve into the labyrinth of linguistic peculiarity with us! 🌀 📚 Bomb: 🧨 Boom! 💣 Let's start with "bomb." One might expect it to be pronounced "bawmb" or "buhm," but nope! It's "bahm," with a silent "b." You could say it's a linguistic explosion that takes some getting used to. 📚 Dumb: 🤐 "Dumb" might leave you speechless for a different reason. With that mysterious "b" again, it's pronounced "duhm" rather than "dawm" as you might assume. The silence continues to baffle learners and even native speakers alike. 📚 Comb: 🕶️ Next up, we have the trusty hair accessory, the "comb." Shouldn't it be pronounced like "kawm" or "koomb"? Alas, it's "kohm," throwing another curveball at our pronunciation expectations. 📚 Tomb: ⚰️ In the mood for some history? Let's explore the "tomb." If you thought it'd rhyme with "womb," we've got news for you! It's pronounced "toom." You might find yourself feeling a bit entombed in confusion! 📚 Numb: 🥶 Feeling puzzled yet? Last but not least, we have "numb." This one seems straightforward, but don't let appearances deceive you. It's pronounced "nuhm," not "numb" like you'd expect. The irony of the word's pronunciation will undoubtedly leave you feeling numb! 🎤 Stay Tuned for a Fun and Informative Lesson! 💪 #learnenglish #english conversation #speakenglish #english pronunciation #americanpronunciation #english with Steve Ford #speakenglish with Steve #pronunciationtips #nativeenglishteacher #americanenglish #phrasalverbs #fastenglish #howtospeakenglish #realenglishconversation

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